ChatGPT Creator Confesses He’s “A Little Scared” of Artificial Intelligence

Sam Altman is concerned about the use of this technology by authoritarian governments.


Artificial intelligence is a topic that is gaining more and more importance, especially with the appearance of ChatGPT , an open-use chatbot that has surprised us with all its features.

For the CEO of OpenAI , the company behind ChatGPT , not everything is positive when it comes to artificial intelligence .

In an interview with ABC , Sam Altman said he is “a little scared” of artificial intelligence .

OpenAI CEO scared of artificial intelligence

The concern about artificial intelligence for Altman stems from its potential use, particularly in the hands of authoritarian governments.

“We worry a lot about authoritarian governments developing this,” he said.

ABC reminded Altman of a phrase by Vladimir Putin in 2017, assuring that whoever leads the race in artificial intelligence would dominate the world. “This is the chilling claim,” mused the OpenAI CEO .

Disinformation campaigns and cyberattacks could be carried out more easily with artificial intelligence, he reflected.

Regarding concerns about artificial intelligence replacing jobs, Altman called for people to think of it as a tool, not a replacement.