China celebrates 2022 by posting photos of Mars from its Tianwen-1 mission

Part of the Tianwen-1 mission  is in Martian orbit studying its weather, while its rover is moving on the surface. 


China has started this 2022 by publishing new images of Mars  taken by its Tianwen-1 mission  in orbit.

The first images of the year from the probe show the planet, like the ship, as we had not appreciated until now.

Tianwen and Zhurong for a walk

Images released by the Chinese space agency CNSA show the full- body Tianwen-1 probe from orbit of the Red Planet.

In another capture, he also focuses on the star himself. “The complete image of the orbiter was taken with a camera launched by the spacecraft, which is now about 350 million kilometers from Earth,” the Chinese agency details.

But the mission also consists of an explorer rover, Zhurong , which is looking for answers to the geographical formation of Mars.

According to the CNSA, as of Saturday the Zhurong, 1.85 meters high and weighing 240 kilos, had completed 224 days of work, moving more than 1,400 meters.

Zhurong is tasked with studying the geological structure of Mars, the characteristics of the soil and the distribution of surface water ice, the composition of surface material, the climate and the environment, as well as its physical field and internal structure.