China celebrates the Lunar New Year with images of its spacecraft on Mars

The Chinese space agency celebrates the Chinese New Year  with a selfie from Mars orbit .


China will celebrate this February 1 the arrival of the Lunar New Year (also called Chinese New Year ) and has done it from Mars : with a selfie from its orbit.

The China National Space Administration revealed a video of the Tianwen-1 probe in Mars orbit as part of the celebrations of this date.

The short clip shows a good portion of the spacecraft’s body, engines, and solar panels hurtling through space, with parts of the surface of Mars appearing in the background.

space breakthrough

After its launch from China in July 2020, the vehicle was inserted into the planet’s orbit in February 2021.

The spacecraft is China ‘s first mission to successfully reach the orbit of the Red Planet, making the nation one of the few countries to explore Mars robotically. Tianwen-1 arrived on Mars together with a lander and a rover, both of which successfully landed on the planet’s surface in May last year.

Likewise, the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of a new stage for the Asian country in terms of its space objectives. While the completion of work on the Chinese space station is expected, the start of work on the joint station with Russia on the Moon is also expected.