China condemns Huawei and ZTE’s ban on Canada’s 5G networks

Citing security measures, Canada has banned Huawei and ZTE and has sparked a new diplomatic crisis with China.


China condemned Canada ‘s “unfounded” decisionto ban Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE from installing 5G networks due to national security concerns.

After years of hesitation, Canada decided on Thursday to ban the two groups from installing 5G networks . “We announced our intention to ban Huawei and ZTE products and services from Canada ‘s telecommunications systems, ” Industry Canada Minister François-Philippe Champagne said.

“This follows a thorough review by our security agencies and in consultation with our closest allies,” Champagne told a news conference.

Beijing expressed its discontent on Friday.

“Despite the absence of conclusive evidence, Canada excluded these Chinese companies from the Canadian market under the pretext of alleged security risks, which are unfounded,” said Wang Wenbin, spokesman for Chinese diplomacy.

” China strongly opposes this decision,” the spokesman added to reporters, adding that Beijing will take “all necessary measures” to protect Chinese companies.

The United States is urging its allies to remove ZTE and especially Huawei from its 5G networks , arguing that Beijing could use these companies to monitor a country’s communications and data traffic.

Washington regularly accuses Huawei of posing a danger to national security due to its possible links with Chinese intelligence services, something the company denies.

The United States welcomed Canada ‘s decision . “The United States supports efforts to ensure that countries, businesses and citizens can trust their wireless networks and their carriers,” a State Department spokesman said Friday.