China denies ownership of space junk that will hit the Moon

China denies that the remains of one of its rockets will crash into the Moon on March 4. So far, no one is responsible for this space junk.


China on Monday denied responsibility for debris from a rocket due to crash into themoon , after experts said the pieces likely came from Beijing’s space program.

Astronomers initially thought the errant objects were parts of a SpaceX rocket that crashed seven years ago, but a theory later emerged that the debris came from Chang’e’s 5-T1 booster , launched in 2014 as part of the exploration program. Chinese mole .

The rocket is scheduled to crash into the far side of the Moon on March 4.

China denies it

But on Monday the Foreign Ministry rejected this claim, saying the propellant “safely entered the Earth’s atmosphere and was completely incinerated.”

Beijing “conscientiously defends the sustainability of activities in outer space,” spokeswoman Wang Wenbin told a regular news conference.

China has the goal of becoming a space superpower and last year achieved the feat of sending the longest manned mission to its new space station. (AFP)