China heat wave causes closure of electric car charging stations

Some provinces in China cannot provide enough electricity amid heavy use of air conditioning systems.


The heat wave affecting China has had an effect on the possibility of charging electric cars .

Bloomberg reports that Tesla and Nio have suspended operation of several of their charging stations due to power outages .

Several Chinese provinces have been affected by this heat wave, accompanied by cuts that have forced factories to close and street lights to be dimmed.

This has been felt most in Chengdu , where the worst drought since the 1960s has dramatically cut output from the hydroelectric plant.

For now, no charging for electric cars

The app of the electric car manufacturer Nio shows alerts informing users that some of its battery change stations, where those that are almost exhausted are left for charged ones, are “offline.”

Tesla has restricted its services at some supercharging stations, with some even closing. Some lucky ones can find a couple open in Chengdu, but only at night.