China wants to launch its own graphics card to compete in the video game market

The MTT S60 wants to compete head-to-head with NVIDIA  ‘s RTX 2060 in the graphics card market .


Despite the multiple series and generations of graphics cards in the world, there is a shortage of them in the market due to different factors in which the chip crisis stands out. Given this, China  wants to offer its own GPU and is doing it through the company Moore Threads.

This Friday the company presented its first card: the so-called MTT S60. What will it offer and how much will it cost?

for gamers

The MTT S60 seeks to compete with a card from past generations, but still highly sought after on the market: the NVIDIA RTX 2060 .

The GPU maintains the MUSA core and Sudi architecture, made with 12-nanometer photolithography, a bit out of date with the 8- and 7-nanometer technology from NVIDIA and AMD, respectively.

The MTT S60 will deliver 6 TFLOPS of graphics performance, similar to NVIDIA’s 2060 or 1070. Its graphics VRAM will be 8GB.

The founder of Moore Threads is Zhang Jianzhong, who was previously NVIDIA ‘s global vice president and general manager of the company in China.

This graphics card is 100% compatible with DirectX Runtime, in addition to the APIs OpenCL, OpenGL, Vulkan, it is even compatible with CUDA. Maintains support for hardware encoding of: H.264, H.265, AV1, and H.264, H.265, AV1, VP8, VP9 decoding.

Moore Threads also presented the MTT S2000, a server-oriented graphics card with a power of 12 TFLOPS and 12 GB of memory. 

About prices and release dates, it is still a mystery.