Chinese response to ChatGPT disappoints, lowers Baidu’s value

Baidu ‘s stock plunge caused the company to lose $3 billion in valuation.


ChatGPT has put artificial intelligence and the possibilities it offers us in the eyes of the world.

In the midst of a cold war when it comes to technology, China does not want to be left behind.

The giant Baidu introduced the rival of ChatGPT , named Ernie Bot . Unfortunately, with not so positive results.

What happened to ChatGPT’s Chinese rival?

The Chinese chatbot was officially shown in a presentation that lasted more than an hour.

Ernie Bot should be the Chinese counterpart to ChatGPT , developed by American company OpenAI , but it doesn’t seem to measure up.

Baidu showed pre-recorded videos of Ernie Bot performing mathematical calculations, speaking Chinese dialects and generating videos and images based on text commands, Reuters reports.

The presentation did not generate much enthusiasm, as summarized by Kai Wang, an analyst at Morningstar.

“It seems like the presentation was more of a scripted monologue. It wasn’t the interactive session people were expecting. There was also no approximate release date.”

Baidu ‘s Hong Kong shares fell 10% as the company’s CEO gave the presentation and closed at -6.4%. This meant a loss of value of 3 billion dollars for the equivalent of Google in China.

Unlike ChatGPT , which can be used by anyone, Ernie Bot is limited to guests.