Chinese scientists discover a pit with a mysterious forest inside

The discovery has excited scientists, who say they can find species not yet discovered in the trench located south of China.


An exploration team has discovered a huge forest inside a trench in south China ‘s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region .

The pit, actually the giant karst sinkhole, is located near the village of Ping’e, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua , and is 306m long, 150m wide and 192m deep, with a volume greater than 5 million cubic meters.

the thrill of science

Scientists have expressed their excitement at this discovery.

Chen Lixin, leader of the Guangxi 702 cave expedition team, said the ancient trees growing at the bottom are nearly 40 meters tall and the dense shade plants are shoulder-high.

The hole could even harbor species that science has not yet recorded. Chen stated that he “would not be surprised” to discover new species inside the hole.

Giant sinkholes, also known as Tiankeng (Heavenly Well) in Chinese, are giant sinkholes or sinkholes, with special geological features found in karst regions formed by repeated landslides. They are mainly found in China, Mexico and Papua New Guinea. 

Many sinkholes also act as aquifers and water sources, LiveScience reported . For 700 million people, sinkhole aquifers are the main source of water, cave expert George Veni explained to the scientific media.