Chinese vehicle will explore a mysterious square object on the Moon

Chinese scientists found a mysterious square shape on the Moon . The Yutu 2 rover is expected to reach it in two to three months.

The Chinese lunar vehicle Yutu 2 detected on the surface of the satellite an apparently square formation baptized in the country as a “mysterious shed,” reported the government portal ” Our Space” on the social network Wechat, reported today by the Chinese portal Sohu.

The Yutu 2 , which began a 36-month expedition last October , sighted last month on the lunar horizon the strange promontory, which is 80 meters away, according to Our Space, a portal associated with the National Space Administration of China ( CNSA ).

The object caught the attention of the scientists, who decided to send the vehicle towards it.

The Yutu 2 , whose name means “jade rabbit” is on the far side of the Moon and is expected to need two or three months to get to the mysterious “shed”.

In search of more mysteries

The vehicle reached the Moon aboard the unmanned Chang’e-4 spacecraft in 2019 and is on a mission to explore the far side of the Moon .

It has six wheels, two solar panels for its power supply, a radar and multiple cameras to explore this part of the satellite, whose natural rotation is slowed by Earth’s gravity, which means that we always see the same half.

Chinese experts predicted shortly after the launch of the Chang’e-4 that there would be “surprising discoveries” on the far side of the Moon, in which “deeply hidden information” could be revealed.