Chris Evans misses his iPhone 6s: “The 12 Pro is very heavy”

After posting a statement saying goodbye to his old iPhone , Chris Evans still isn’t out of his old phone and has a hard time using a more modern one.


Chris Evans , the famous actor who played ‘Captain America’, is still suffering after he stopped using his old iPhone 6 s. Now, he has pointed out that the iPhone 12 Pro is very heavy.

During an interview with Collider , Evans continued to mourn the loss of his iPhone 6 , noting that what he misses the most is the ‘Home’ button on the device.

You now have an iPhone 12 Pro

In the interview, Evans notes that he considers his “new team to be very heavy,” even though people think it’s “an old dinosaur.”

“Are you telling me that Captain America can’t hold an iPhone ?” asks the interviewer. “Don’t be aggressive,” says the actor, causing laughter from the audience. “I just keep saying I miss the Home button. I don’t want the iPhone SE, I just want my iPhone 6 , a team that worked until it couldn’t anymore.

The same medium confirms that Chris Evans ‘ new team is the iPhone 12 Pro , a model that went on sale in 2020.

I had great affection for him

“Rest in peace iPhone 6s . We had a good life. I will miss your Home button ”, the actor published last June at the time of saying goodbye to his cell phone.

Evans has carried the same smartphone with him for 7 years, at least if he bought it in 2015, the year it went on sale. The problem lay in his battery, which the actor pointed out fell unexpectedly during the day, in addition to the problems in the photos he took.