A superhero “all’amatriciana”.


This is how the protagonist of Christian
is described , the new series created by Sky and Lucky Red, in participation with Newen Connect, and arriving on January 28 on Sky Atlantic, available on demand on Sky and streaming on NOW.

In the series Edoardo Pesce plays Christian, the henchman of a suburban Rome boss who earns his living doing the only thing he knows how to do: beating. Until those who appear to all intents and purposes of the stigmata appear in his hands, the wounds of the saints, with which he will begin to work miracles.

We have previewed the first two episodes and we can say that it is certainly something out of the ordinary as regards the Italian television landscape. A project that is difficult to identify but which certainly has its own charm. Certainly thanks to the theme but also to the way in which it was treated. Christian combines genres such as pulp, crime, supernatural, drama and, why not, even comedy, creating a unique combination.

A complex project, born many years ago

The six-episode Sky Original series, directed by Stefano Lodovichi – also creative producer – and Roberto “Saku” Cinardi , was presented to the press on Tuesday 25 January. During the Sonia Rovai , Director Scripted Production of Sky Italia, you immediately specified that it is a complex project.

It is a very complex project, it is difficult to find an adjective. It is absolutely something unique in our panorama. It is a strong idea and such productions are needed, because it is something that is not easily found on the market. It also represents a great challenge, because it is a genre that is little treated in Italy, like the supernatural. From the very first discussions we were aware that we had something completely different in our hands.

Christian ‘s story began many years ago, with a short film by Roberto “Saku” Cinardi inspired by Stigmate , the graphic novel by Claudio Piersanti and Lorenzo Mattotti , which starred Gabriele Mainetti , the director of Freaks Out and Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot , in as an actor. As stated by the director himself:

It is a story that began in 2012 with a video clip of Salmo. A few years later it became a short starring Gabriele Mainetti and later it was decided to develop it into a film or a series. The project has aroused the interest of various realities including Lucky Red, with whom we began to develop it, arriving at the current version. It was very exciting and satisfying to see this project born out of nowhere to reach Sky Atlantic.

Edoardo Pesce and Claudio Santamaria, Christian and Matteo

Speaking of his character, Edoardo Pesce said:

I have grown fond of the character of Christian, it is the first time that I have been the protagonist of a series and it is a considerable commitment. It took about three months. Reading the script, I immediately saw the possibilities of including my personal characteristics, so Christian is also a bit of Edoardo. He is a very simple guy who has no power goals, he is not greedy. He gets this gift and he doesn’t know what to do.

The conference was also attended by Claudio Santamaria , who in the series plays Matteo, a skeptical Vatican emissary obsessed with finding someone whose thaumaturgical powers are true. About the character of him, the actor said:

My character contains biblical references such as San Tomasso and Isaac, tested by the Lord. He is also the Archangel Gabriel, the armed arm of God. All these aspects make him extremely conflictual and this tormenting thing is inherent in the Mystery of Faith. His job is to certify miracles, figure out if it’s a scam or something true. He himself had a very close encounter with something. There is something in his past that brought him closer to God.

But Claudio Santamaria also praised the value of this production, able to go beyond the standard borders typical of the Italian television scene.

We have been waiting for years to be able to reopen the doors to the genre, to be able to return to writing stories that are understandable even abroad. After all, our skill is that of knowing how to take international issues and make them our own.
In Italy there is a need for gender, fun. We must understand that cinema is also fun. So live the ideas and the courage that has been unlocked again in our cinema.

And Christian has many ideas , this is little but sure. Treat them with the right amount of irony because, as declared by the director Stefano Lodovichi :

Too many projects take themselves seriously, we immediately played on making fun of ourselves and this is the figure of the series.

What was also confirmed by the screenwriter Valerio Cilio :

The nice thing, in my opinion, is that even before Sky’s involvement we always had fun. We knew we were going through very complicated terrain, but we gave ourselves two rules: have fun and dodge the things we’ve already seen.

In the cast alongside Edoardo Pesce and Claudio Santamaria we find Silvia D’Amico ( Don’t be bad, The Place ) in the role of Rachele, a problematic girl close to Christian. Giordano De Plano ( Padrenostro, The land of enough ) in the role of Lino, the local boss, almost a brother to Christian as the two states raised by the same woman, Italy. Antonio Bannò ( Romulus, Suburra – The series ) in the role of Lino’s son, Davide, heir to his father’s empire and best friend of Christian. Francesco Colella ( Padrenostro, ZeroZeroZero) in those of Tomei, the neighborhood veterinarian who rounds up by treating and sewing those who need it and cannot go to the hospital. Gabriel Montesi ( Favolacce, Romulus ), who plays a friend of Christian and Davide’s company, Penna, a petty thug who works for Lino. Lina Sastri ( Napoli Velata, Ecce Bombo ) as Italy, Christian’s mother.