‘Circle’: Twitter enables the option to limit who can see your posts

Twitter is enabling its Circle’ feature for some users , where it allows you to limit who can see your posts.


You may find Twitter a toxic place, and now the app is testing a feature called ‘Circle’ that allows users to limit the reach of their posts to up to 150 people. This feature is akin to Instagram’s ‘Close Friend’ option.

The social network acquired by Elon Musk indicates that it is enabling the ‘Circle’ function for a “small group” of Android, iOS and web users around the world. It’s not entirely clear yet if Twitter will expand the test to a broader audience, that will depend on feedback.

Circle joins a host of features aimed at controlling the reach of Twitter posts, including the option to restrict who can reply to a tweet.


What is known so far about the ‘Circle’ feature is that you can choose up to 150 Twitter users to include in your close circle, only people in your ‘Circle’ can see and reply to your tweets, plus Twitter users they will not receive any notification if you remove them from your ‘Circle’.

The ability to limit posts on Twitter might have some interesting use cases for brands and businesses, such as exclusive content, but it’s not a deterrent to the social network’s toxicity.