Closer to TikTok and Instagram: YouTube introduces new features for live video streaming

YouTube is introducing new features for live video streaming , some of which are already found on other platforms .


There was a time when all platforms copied features from YouTube , now times have changed.

YouTube introduces five new features for live streaming, some of which were already found on TikTok , Twitch and Instagram .

In a video posted on the company’s Creator Insider channel  , YouTube showed off five completely new features for the platform: Go Live Together, Live Rings, Cross Channel, Live Redirects, Full Screen Mode and Live Q&A, all of which are related to live streaming . alive .

Some of these features and tools may seem very familiar to users of other  live streaming platforms .

Go Live Together

This YouTube live streaming feature allows creators to easily invite anyone to join the stream by simply sending a link to the guest.

TikTok and Instagram provide similar tools for creators to bring guests to their streams .

The host will have access to analytics and will be able to monetize the stream like other video content uploaded to YouTube. Go Live Together is currently only for those who stream via their mobile device.

Ring Live

Google ‘s video platform will soon place a red ring around the profile photo of users who are live streaming. If you tap on the photo with the red ring , you will be sent to the live stream. YouTube plans to roll out this feature to mobile devices first .


If a creator has at least 1,000 subscribers and there is nothing left to do, they will be able to redirect their viewers to another channel’s live stream. This feature is similar to the tool Twitch provides to share viewers with another streamer.

Unlike Twitch, where the feature is used to harass other streamers, YouTube will only allow a YouTuber to redirect creators who approve the transfer or are already subscribed .