Co-pilot Artificial Intelligence: this is the summary of Microsoft BUILD 2023

Microsoft announced news for Windows 11 , Teams, its Azure service for the cloud, and other products at its annual BUILD 2023 conference.


Microsoft does not stop its progress in the joint development of Generative Artificial Intelligence together with OpenAI and other important players in the technology sector. During the BUILD 2023 developer conference, the company founded by Bill Gates faces a substantial change in its product approach, announcing a series of innovations to improve the experience for corporate, educational and personal users on various platforms.

Windows 11 will soon have native support for RAR. This means that you will be able to open and extract RAR files without the need to download a third-party application. This is a welcome change for many users, since RAR files are one of the most common compressed file formats.

Microsoft Teams avatars are rolling out this week. These avatars will allow you to represent yourself in Teams with a cartoon character that looks just like you. This is a fun and engaging way to show your personality in Teams, and it can also be useful for people who want to keep their real identity private.

Windows 11 will try to fix the fragmented clutter of RGB lighting. Microsoft is introducing a new API that will make it easier for developers to control RGB lighting on Windows devices. This is an important step for RGB lighting as it will make it easier for developers to create custom lighting effects and animations.

Microsoft Fabric will also launch this week. Fabric is a set of tools and services that help developers build and deploy applications faster and easier. Fabric includes a number of features that make it easy for developers to manage their code, test their apps, and deploy them to production.

New AI capabilities for Azure. It includes a new AI-powered chatbot for customer service, a new AI-powered tool for creating personalized marketing campaigns, and a new AI-powered tool for fraud detection.

Azure cloud computing. New cloud computing services are coming, including a new service for running containerized applications, a new service for managing data lakes, and a new service for building and deploying machine learning models.

Azure Security. The company introduced a new service to detect and respond to security threats, a new service to protect data in transit, and a new service to protect data at rest.

Microsoft 365 Copilot.  Copilot is designed to help users with their productivity tasks, such as writing emails, creating presentations, and editing documents. Copilot uses machine learning to generate text, code, and other content tailored to the needs of the user.

Microsoft Power Platform. In this case, we are talking about a set of tools that help companies build and automate business processes. New features include a new AI-powered tool for creating chatbots, a new service for managing data lakes, and a new service for building and deploying machine learning models.

Microsoft Edge. New features include a new AI-powered tool to block ads, a new service to manage passwords, and a new service to track your online activity. These are just a few of the many announcements made at Microsoft Build 2023. It was an important event for developers, and it’s clear that Microsoft is committed to providing developers with the tools and services they need to build great apps.

Along with these announcements, Microsoft made official several alliances for the development of technological solutions:

 A partnership with Google to bring AI capabilities to Microsoft products and services.

An initiative to help developers build AI-powered apps more easily.

A new program to help startups use AI to grow their businesses.

These partnerships and initiatives are a sign that Microsoft is committed to making AI more accessible to developers and businesses. This is a major step towards AI adoption and is likely to have a significant impact on the way we live and work.