Plans for the new DC Universe have confirmed both The Batman – Part II and the Penguin series.


which will fall under the Elseworlds label : in other words, they will not be part of the main DCU , but of a separate and autonomous universe.

Colin Farrell will of course return as Oswald Cobblepot , who will be busy climbing his way up Gotham City’s criminal underworld following the death of Carmine Falcone . Speaking to Variety , the Irish actor confirmed that the show will consist of eight episodes:

It’s going to be an eight-episode thing. It will revolve around Oz’s rise to power, to fill the void left by Falcone’s death.

The story will take place between the first and second film:

Matt [Reeves]’s idea was to start the Penguin series about a week after The Batman ended . And if it works out, if the trajectory is interesting, the audience likes it, and we do our job right, the second [Batman] movie will pick up where the HBO show left off.

Filming hasn’t started, and obviously a release date isn’t available yet. However, The Batman – Part II will arrive on October 3, 2025 in US theaters, so the series will debut earlier, perhaps in 2024 (obviously it is only a hypothesis).

We will keep you posted.

The Rise of Cobblepot

The show will chronicle the rise of Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham City’s criminal landscape, and will take place after The Batman . The Cobblepot of the film, in fact, is not yet the crime lord that we all know, and he can not stand when they call him Penguin . However, the project has been described as “similar to Scarface “.

Gotham also narrated Cobblepot ‘s rise to power , but the latter – played by Robin Lord Taylor – was not the absolute protagonist.

The authors

The executive producers of the series are Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves , the same as the film. Lauren LeFranc ( Chuck, Agents of SHIELD, Impulse ) will serve as showrunner .

The cast

For the moment, the cast includes Colin Farrell and Cristin Milioti .


Production will be handled by Matt Reeves ‘ 6th and Idaho , Dylan Clark Productions , DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television .