Colombia sights a possible Chinese spy balloon over its airspace

The balloon , apparently similar to those sighted in the United States, flew over Colombian airspace and left it in a matter of hours.


Colombia reported this weekend that a balloon had passed through its territory, after the United States announced that a ” Chinese spy balloon ” had been sighted flying over Latin America.

The Colombian Air Force said that the device had been identified on Friday morning and monitored until it left the national airspace, and assured that it had never posed a “threat” to the security and defense of the country, as well as to aviation. .

The details of the balloon

On February 3, “the National Air Defense System detected an object over 16 kilometers high, which entered Colombian airspace in the northern sector of the country, moving at an average speed of 25 knots, identifying characteristics similar to those of a balloon ,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

The Colombian Air Force added that it is carrying out “the pertinent investigations and coordination with different countries and institutions to establish the origin of the object .”

A US Defense Department spokesman said on Friday that a second Chinese ” spy ” balloon had been seen flying over Latin America, a day after another similar craft was detected in US airspace .

He did not provide details about the location of the identified artifact over Latin America, nor where it was headed.

On Saturday, the Pentagon reported that a US warplane had shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the US Atlantic coast , at which China expressed “strong discontent” and said it could spark “necessary responses”