Competition for Boston Dynamics: Chinese Startup Wants to Build a Unicorn Robot for Kids

A Chinese electric vehicle startup wants to build a robot similar to the Boston Dynamics dog for the home.

While robot dogs are slow to get home, a Chinese company wants to make a “robot unicorn” for children. The electric car manufacturer Xpeng has revealed the design of a robot with a horn for the little ones in the house to get on and take a walk.

This battery-powered quadruped will incorporate Xpeng’s autonomous driving experience and other artificial intelligence tasks to navigate various rugged terrain, recognize objects, and provide “emotional interaction,” according to SCMP.

The company has not revealed many details, but you can see the design and a friendlier version in its promotional video than the Boston Dynamics Spot.

Unicorn Xpeng

At the moment, the Xpeng company has not revealed when it plans to launch its ‘robot unicorn’ or how much it could cost. As the market is for these devices, it could sell for around $ 75,000, as could the Dynamics Spot.

However, Xpeng CEO He Xiaopeng said the unicorn sees it as a broader move into the robotics space by leveraging its existing technology.