Computer inclusion: Learn about Google’s functions for people with disabilities

Google  has a team specialized in designing and developing computer products to help people with disabilities.

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and many users are unaware that there are various tools on the Internet for those with disabilities. For example, Google offers us some functions for those who have difficulty with speech, vision or motor disability.

In Peru , according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), 10.3% of Peruvians have a disability , this is approximately 3 million people, and in a context of pandemic, where technology has been key To keep some jobs , the activities of these people has been difficult without proper tools.

That is why Google keeps working a team specialized in products designed 100% for accessibility , created for and with people with disabilities. “We want to ensure that the opportunities and possibilities provided by technology reach everyone ,  says Eve Andersson, director of Accessibility for Google.

Google Tools for the Disabled

Project Relate

Project Relate is an Android application that aims to help people with speech difficulties. Through Google Assistant , the application uses phrases that help to understand unique voice patterns and grant access to the three main functions of the platform: Listen, Repeat and Assistant.


Lookout is an application that uses artificial intelligence to help people with low vision to identify objects around them. Through the smartphone camera, the application is able to detect objects and text from the real world and describe them through the loudspeaker. 


Talkback is an Android screen reader , this allows you to use your smartphone without having to view the screen. This functionality reads text aloud on the screen, navigates through applications, and facilitates communication with braille, voice, and keyboard. 

Live Transcibe

This app was developed by a hearing loss employee at Google . Live Transcribe allows you to get real-world transcripts through the use of your mobile phone’s microphone. It also has the ability to visually identify ambient sounds, such as a dog barking, someone knocking on the door, or a speeding car.

Camera Switches 

Camera Switches can turn your phone’s camera into a gesture detector . With this application it is possible for anyone to use eye movements and personalized facial gestures to navigate the mobile phone, without the need to use their voice or hand.