“Content not available in your region” notice on Netflix: how to fix it

This Netflix notice  is very annoying when the user wants to see exclusive content from other regions of the world.


Netflix is ​​one of the most recognized and used streaming platforms worldwide, mainly for its vast content of movies, series, documentaries and even adapting to the gamer world and bringing some news within the video game space .

 However, some contents of the red platform are available in certain countries and in others it handles another type of catalog, being a total annoyance for the platform user.

The availability of the content will differ in different regions, there will even be a larger list of movies, series or others that, in the country of some user, are not suitable. But why is it that Netflix does not allow you to see some content from another region? and, above all, how to unlock this content? The following note will explain the reasons and the solution.

What does “content not available in your region” mean?

On certain occasions, many users have found out about some content that is apparently available on Netflix , however, when searching for that movie, series or documentary, they do not find it or simply a notice of “content not available in your region” appears. Despite the fact that the platform has confirmed the premiere of that audiovisual product, why is this? Well, the simplest explanation is that said production has been released in specific regions, but not where the user is, this is due to two reasons:

Country/region content license

The license is usually the main stone in the shoe of many streaming platforms and Netflix is ​​no exception. Every time the red platform brings new content to its catalog, it must acquire a license or permit. Netflix also has its own content, but if it is a production of a television or movie house, you must make a specific contract of months or years to be able to broadcast your tape or series. For this reason, some of this content may only be available in one country and not in others, it all depends on the interests of the production house and the restrictions it presents.

On the other hand, there is the issue of copyright on Netflix . This is another of the points for which  the platform does not broadcast any content in other countries. Each producer has absolute power of their content that they have made and edited. Being an exclusive owner, he can decide who to sell the content he produces. For this reason, Netflix cannot offer said audiovisual product where they like, everything is based on copyright.

How to solve content restrictions by regions?

One of the most logical steps is to change the default streaming location to the time the user wants to use it. This country address change option can only be changed as long as you live or reside in that place, otherwise it cannot be done, since Netflix has a system that tracks the IP code from where you connect. Therefore, it is almost impossible to execute such a change. But, there is a slightly more complex option and outside of the same service: Use a VPN.

How to unblock Netflix content belonging to another country?

In this case, if the user does not reside in another country and does not have the possibility of traveling just to see different content, then they can use a VPN, a service that serves to hide and change the user’s location, and thus be able to access the variety of Netflix content from other regions.

With the VPN, the user does not leave traces of his act on the platform, everything will depend on what type of VPN he chooses or buys, since not all of them offer Netflix content . After buying it or acquiring it through a download on your mobile device or tablet and logging into the platform, the person can now explore all the international content that they could not see on Netflix before .