Crew-4: Watch live the launch of new astronauts to the International Space Station

The International Space Station will welcome new astronauts early on April 27, following the launch of a new SpaceX Dragon capsule .

The International Space Station will be getting some new faces, along with some exciting experiments to perform in orbit. This will be the fourth manned mission of a SpaceX Dragon capsule , the new capsule dubbed “Freedom” will launch in a Falcon-9 early tomorrow morning.

This launch was originally scheduled for last Saturday, but there were unexpected conflicts with the AX-1 mission , which had a delayed departure and splashdown .

Now, however, Crew-4 is ready to lift off from Launch Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Crew Dragon “Freedom” Launch

The Dragon Freedom capsule will carry NASA astronauts Kjell Lindgren, Bob Hines, Jessica Watkins and ESA space traveler Samantha Cristoforetti. Plus two new experiments to test them in microgravity: an artificial retina and floating, wireless health monitors .

The crew of Crew-4 will continue hydroponic plant growth experiments, a JAXA -sponsored student project and a test of a diagnostic device for certain medical conditions in space.

If all goes well, the launch is scheduled for before 2:52 am Peruvian time (3:52 am ET) and it will be a long trip, the astronauts will spend 16 hours in the capsule before they board the ISS.

You can tune in to the launch via NASA’s live stream on YouTube.