Crimes of the Future will premiere Monday at the Cannes Film Festival in competition.


NEON continues to promote David Cronenberg ‘s highly anticipated film with new materials.

This time it’s the turn of five character posters depicting Viggo Mortensen ( Saul Tenser ), Léa Seydoux ( Caprice ), Kristen Stewart ( Timlin ), Welket Bungué ( Chaulk ) and an individual called Earman with stitched eyelids and various growths in the shape of ears. on the body. Yes, in short, it’s all ears.

As we know, the great Canadian director will finally return to explore the territories of science fiction and body horror , absent from his cinema since the days of eXistenZ (1999). Those who have already seen the film assure that there will be very strong scenes, to the point that someone could leave the room already during the first five minutes (although the most impressive seem to be the last 20).

The French release is expected almost simultaneously with the presentation in Cannes, while in New York and Los Angeles it will arrive on June 3 , and from June 10 throughout the United States. Still no news about the Italian distribution, but we will keep you updated.

You will find the posters below.

The posters

The plot

In the not too distant future, humanity is adapting to an increasingly synthetic world. Evolution has led humans to a metamorphosis that has changed their biology. Some have embraced the infinite potential of transhumanism, others are attempting to control it. The “Accelerated Evolution Syndrome” is spreading rapidly around the world. Saul Tenser is a renowned performance artist who has embraced Accelerated Evolution Syndrome, which causes him to sprout new and unexpected organs throughout his body. Together with his partner Caprice , Tenserhas turned the removal of these organs into a spectacle for his loyal followers, who watch in real time. But with government and a strange subculture on his heels, Tenser is forced to consider what would be the most shocking performance of all.

Cronenberg ‘s last film dates back to 2014 ( Maps to the Stars ), but it was from eXistenZ – and therefore from 1999 – that the filmmaker did not deal with the genres of science fiction and body horror , typical of his poetics.

The cast

The cast includes Viggo Mortensen , Léa Seydoux , Kristen Stewart , Scott Speedman, Welket Bungué, Don McKellar and Lihi Kornowski .

The previous Crimes of the Future

This film shares its title with Cronenberg ‘s second feature film , dated 1970. At the center of the plot was Dr. Adrian Tripod , a pupil of a dermatologist who had inadvertently triggered a pandemic in an attempt to cure diseases resulting from excessive use of cosmetics. . This virus killed all post-pubertal women, leaving behind a world of men only.