Crisis in the metaverse: CryptoMines cryptocurrency plummets 99% and announces the end of the project

The CryptoMines metaverse was a promising game, but mistrust and problems caused their token to drop 99% causing large amounts of money to be lost.

The  virtual reality game CryptoMines announces the end of its project, leaving several investors of its digital token suffering with a fall of 99 percentage points, going from cost US $ 801 to only US $ 4 .

CryptoMines, like The Sandbox , is a promising game that had managed to gather a community in a world where planets were “mined” and rewarded its players with the  ETERNAL digital token .

But concerns permeated the project and the pillars of the game began to shake, among them was the uncertainty about the number of digital currencies that the developers owned.

Digital volatility

In order to reassure their community, the CryptoMines developers confirmed that they were the largest holders of the ETERNAL token and promise not to sell them so that it does not negatively impact the game.

They also claimed that the game has received multiple audits and there was no evidence of exploitation. However, they stated that the game will be closed for a possible relaunch regardless of the tokens and NFT .

The proposal includes creating a new token called Dark Matter (DM), which will be indexed to the US dollar for all in-game transactions.