Cyrano will be released in a few days in the United States (and a little later in Italy), soMGMpushes.


The accelerator on the promotional campaign: a new extended spot is in fact available.

Peter Dinklage plays the eponymous protagonist, a formidable poet and swordsman, who loves the beautiful Rossana ( Haley Bennett ) but does not dare to confess his feelings because he is inhibited by his physical appearance. When the girl loses her head for the cadet Christian ( Kelvin Harrison ), it will be Cyrano who will write some extraordinary love letters for him, acting as a prompter in the courtship.

Joe Wright ‘s film adapts Erica Schmidt ‘s theatrical musical , based in turn from the famous comedy by Edmond Rostand : this means that Rostand ‘s long monologues become here songs, fundamental to express the mood of the characters. He is nominated for the next Oscars ( here all the nominations) in the category for Best Costumes, the work of Massimo Cantini Parrini and Jacqueline Durran . The production – shot in Noto, Sicily – can also count on the soundtrack of The National .

You will find the spot below, but first I remind you that the Italian release is expected for March 3rd .

The official synopsis

In Cyrano , award-winning director Joe Wright ( Anna Karenina, Pan – Journey to Neverland, Darkest Hour) draws the audience into a symphony of emotions through music, romance and beauty, reinterpreting the timeless story of one of the most famous and overwhelming love triangles ever in a cinematic key. A man at the forefront of his time, Cyrano de Bergerac (Peter Dinklage), enchants the audience with both brilliant puns in verbal challenges and his skill with the sword in duels. Cyrano did not have the courage to declare her feelings to the beautiful Roxanne (Haley Bennet), convinced that her physical appearance does not make him worthy of the love of her closest friend. However, she fell in love with Christian (Kelvin Harrison) at first sight…

The cast

In addition to Peter Dinklage ( Cyrano ) and Haley Bennett ( Roxane ), the cast also includes Kelvin Harrison ( Christian ), Bashir Salahuddin (Le Bret) and Ben Mendelsohn (De Guiche) .

The screenplay

The script is the work of Erica Schmidt herself .