Pupi Avati returns to directing with Dante.


A film based on the biography of the Supreme Poet written by Giovanni Boccaccio , or Dante’s Il Trattatello in laude .

01 Distribution is now publishing two unreleased clips and the official backstage of the film, arriving in cinemas from 29 September.

Sergio Castellitto plays the author of the Decameron , here engaged in retracing the journey of the Alighieri from Florence to Ravenna, to bring 10 gold florins to his daughter Beatrice as symbolic compensation from the Florentines. Boccaccio will meet the people who have offered shelter to the Poet, or have rejected him. In the scenes that reconstruct some fragments of his life, the latter is played by Alessandro Sperduti .

The official synopsis

September 1350. Giovanni Boccaccio is commissioned to bring ten gold florins as symbolic compensation to Sister Beatrice, daughter of Dante Alighieri, a nun in Ravenna in the monastery of Santo Stefano degli Ulivi. During the long journey Boccaccio, in addition to his daughter, will meet those who, in the last years of Ravenna’s exile, sheltered and welcomed the great poet and who, on the contrary, rejected him and put him to flight. Retracing part of Dante’s journey from Florence to Ravenna, stopping in the same convents, in the same villages, in the same castles, in the opening of the same libraries, in the questions he asks and in the answers he gets, Boccaccio reconstructs the human story of Dante, to the point of being able to tell us his entire story.

The cast

The cast includes Sergio Castellitto, Alessandro Sperduti, Enrico Lo Verso, Alessandro Haber and with Morena Gentile, Gianni Cavina, Carlotta Gamba, Erica Blanc, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Paolo Graziosi, Mariano Rigillo, Giulio Pizzirani, Romano Reggiani, Ludovica Pedetta, Milena Vukotic, Valeria D’Obici and Eliana Miglio .


The production is curated by Duea Film and Rai Cinema , with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission .