Without having been announced in any way by press releases or posts on social media.


we discover that Daredevil – with all its three seasons – and the other Marvel series connected to it, namely Luke Cage , Jessica Jones , Iron Fist , The Defenders and The Punisher , will leave Netflix on February 28, to meet a destiny that is still unknown.

The whole of these series has traveled through ups and downs since their debut, which took place in 2015 with the first, appreciated season of Daredevil: but apart from the one about the devil of Hell’s Kitchen , the other series have had mixed results, with Jessica Jones and The Punisher, however, generally welcome and series instead go very badly in terms of appreciation, primarily Iron Fist and The Defenders.

Hence the decision to close everything in 2019 with the third series of Jessica Jones, despite the fact that fans wanted at least Daredevil to continue. Somehow, it was: after the reacquisition of the rights by Marvel / Disney, the character reappears, with the same interpreter ( Charlie Cox ) in the film Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Far From Home , while his main opponent, Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk ( Vincent D’Onofrio ), in the Disney + Hawkeye series .

This is by virtue of the affection that fans had for these characters and performers, although it is currently unclear what their future will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . The Netflix series were produced expressly by and for Netflix with Marvel Television, and unlike those Hulu and AMC now featured on Disney + as Agents of SHIELD or Agent CarterDisney shouldn’t have been able to acquire them silently: it could have bought them from Netflix, however. However, there is still no official news of the thing, which jumped to the eye only because now, by starting one of these serials, a very short warning appears on the screen (lasting less than a second) which points out that the deadline for viewing is February 28th. We await updates on this.