We are a couple of weeks away from the release of the second season of Darkness and Bones , and Netflix has unveiled the first clip of it.


Alina Starkov ( Jessie Mei Li ) and Malyen Oretsev ( Archie Renaux ) seek the help of Nikolai Lantsov ( Patrick Gibson ) to hunt down Morosova’s sea whip, one of the amplifiers that would allow Alina to destroy the Fault. Meanwhile, Kirigan ( Ben Barnes ) threatens the world with his army of shadows. Here is the official synopsis:

To try to thwart General Kirigan and his seemingly invincible new army, Alina Starkov and Mal Oretsev gather a group of powerful allies and embark on a journey across the continent to find two mythical creatures that will enhance the girl’s powers.

In Ketterdam, the opportunity for a killing blow sets the Ravens once again on a collision course with the legendary Summon Light.

I remind you that Darkness and Bones is based on the books of Leigh Bardugo ‘s GrishaVerse . The plot takes place on a fantasy continent inspired by early 19th-century Europe, whose territory is bisected by the Shadow Fault . East of the fault is Ravka , a kingdom that can count on an army of individuals with extraordinary powers, the Grisha . The aforementioned Alina has discovered that she is a light summoner, a type of Grisha believed to exist only in legends: her power can theoretically destroy darkness.

You can see the clip below, but first I remind you that the new episodes will arrive on the online platform on March 16th .

The clip

The official synopsis

Based on the bestselling GrishaVerse written by Leigh Bardugo, Darkness and Bones is set in a war-torn world where soldier and orphan Alina Starkov discovers an extraordinary power that could save her country. Threatened by the monstrous Shadow Fault, Alina is forced to leave her world to join an army of elite magical soldiers known as Grisha. As she learns the hard way to use her powers, Alina realizes that even her friends can turn into enemies and that nothing is what it seems in this world of luxury. To defeat the dangerous forces that are looming, including a charismatic gang of criminals, magic alone will not be enough.

The cast

Starring Jessie Mei Li (Alina Starkov), Archie Renaux (Malyen Oretsev), Freddy Carter (Kaz Brekker), Amita Suman (Inej), Kit Young (Jesper Fahey) and Ben Barnes ( General Kirigan ) .