Deer supermoon 2022: when can the astronomical event be seen and what does it consist of?

A new opportunity to see a Supermoon  is approaching and this is what you should know about the astronomical event of the month.

Put it on your calendar. The Stag Supermoon  is approaching and tops the list of astronomical events destined to occur this month. This full Moon with special characteristics can be seen from our planet and below we will explain all the details that you must take into account if you want to be part of this sighting.

July’s Supermoon got its nickname “Deer Supermoon” because, in North America , the satellite appears during the season when male deer grow new antlers , a process that occurs annually.

However, in other places in the United States , it is also called by other names such as the “Thunder Moon” since it appears in stormy season or “Salmon Moon” because the schools of this fish swim faster and with greater depth during full moons by receiving help from the light generated by the star.

When will the Deer Supermoon be seen?

The Stag Supermoon will begin to be seen at its closest point to Earth at 04:06 am . of July 13 in Peru . At that instant, our planet will coincide with lunar perigee , which is when the satellite is less than 360,000 kilometers away from us. That is when the Moon will be located 357,264 km from Earth.

The illumination of the star will be 99.6% and it will appear larger and lower in the sky by an additional 7% . Since this is the time when the satellite will shine brightest and be closest to our planet throughout the year, it can be seen in the night sky until July 15 , according to NASA .

What is a Supermoon?

Supermoon is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the full Moon coincides with the closest approach of the star to planet Earth in its elliptical orbit, which is known as lunar perigee. The term was coined in 1979 by astrologer Richard Nolle, according to NASA .

This event is special in that it can’t be seen more than three or four times a year , so opportunities to witness it first-hand are extremely rare. The fourth and last Supermoon of 2022 will occur on November 8 .