Amber Heard took the stand to give her side of the story during the libel trial unleashed on her by ex-husbandJohnny Depp .


The actress has recounted in detail several episodes of physical and verbal abuse, painting a picture opposite to what was told by Depp’s side.

For example, Heard brought up an episode, which took place during a flight in May 2014 and previously examined during the trial, during which a drunk Depp complained that she was making a film with James Franco .,

that he hated, and that he also had a love scene with the actor. At some point, according to Amber Heard’s testimony, Depp would have started throwing ice cubes and utensils at her. Heard said he always tried not to go along with him, but “Johnny came looking for me.” 

During the flight he would slap her in the face as she looked out the window. “He didn’t hurt me,” admits the actress. “I was just embarrassed that he would allow himself to do that in front of other people.” Depp would later kick her in the butt:

I thought to myself: “I don’t know what to do.” Nobody said anything, nobody did anything. I was so embarrassed that he could do such a thing in front of other people.

On another occasion, shortly before, Depp became convinced that she was “looking at a certain woman in a sensual way” at the Met Gala dinner. In the hotel that night, Depp grabbed her by the neck of her and “threw a bottle at me. I missed him, but he broke the candlestick ”. They later got into a fight in the dining room and, after pushing her onto a sofa, she “hits me in the face”. Heard suspected he had “a broken nose”, but was later ruled out.

Finally, Amber Heard recounted her engagement to Depp: “I thought that if we got married, it would all become real, not chaotic. It would have changed ”. At the engagement party, the actress recalled, Depp disappeared upstairs for most of the party, along with her father. “My father was addicted to the same drugs as Johnny at the time.” At one point, his father left the party along with a Johnny Depp bodyguard to look for drugs and West Hollywood. “I tried to get Johnny to go back downstairs and he verbally attacked me, telling me to shut up.”