Development of Apple’s mixed reality viewer is at an advanced stage

Apple executives last week presented a preview of its upcoming mixed reality headsets to the company’s board of directors.

which would indicate that its development is at an advanced stage, as reported by Bloomberg .

Apple ‘s Board of Directors is made up of eight executives and the US manufacturer’s CEO, Tim Cook , and meets at least four times a year.

Sources close to the technology company have told this medium that in recent weeks Apple has accelerated the development of rOS , the operating system for virtual reality (VR) and with which this viewer will work.

This progress in the development of the operating system, as well as the presentation of the viewer at the board of directors, suggests that its debut is expected soon .

When would virtual reality glasses come out?

According to Bloomberg , this launch would take place either at the end of this year or as early as 2023, despite the fact that the company’s goal was to announce it in June, on the occasion of the World Developers Conference (WWDC, for its acronym in English).

This online cycle, in which Apple highlights the latest innovations in its iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems, will begin on June 6 and will last until Friday June 10.

However, the manufacturer has rejected the global presentation of this viewer within the framework of its next conference due to different problems detected during the device development process .

According to the latest publications by Apple analyst Mark Gurman, this viewer could cost more than $2,000 at launch and would be equipped with two processors. (EuropePress)