Disney employee interrupts marriage proposal and divides social media users

The worker interrupted the proposal at a Disney park , ruining “the happy moment”. The images went viral  on social media .


A Disney employee in Paris is in the middle of a social media debate after he interrupted a marriage proposal at the theme park.

In the images, you can see how a man kneels and takes out a ring to “ask for his hand” to his partner in front of Disneyland, one of the “magical” places for such an act.

However, the employee appears running to interrupt the proposal, grabbing the engagement ring from the subject’s hand to entice them to move away.

Why did you do that?

As seen in the video, the exact location, a platform in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, was fenced off, so no user should have entered.

According to Disney reporter Edith Gervin, a show was about to start at the venue, so no one needed to be there.

Finally, in the images, it is seen how the young man tries to explain the situation to the employee, while people boo the interruption.

In a Reddit comment below the now-viral video, an alleged best friend of the proposal man explained that “an employee had given the appropriate permission for the proposal.” He also notes that his best friend “fought his urge” not to hitting the employee for ruining “the best time of his life”.

In a statement to Newsweek , a Disneyland spokesperson said they are sorry for how poorly this situation was handled and have apologized to the couple and offered to make it right.