Disney enters the world of virtual assistants powered by Amazon Alexa

The multinational Disney announced the creation of its voice assistant ‘Hey Disney’ to access services.

If there was a field potentially explorable by Disney , it was that of intelligent voice assistance. Together with Amazon , Disney has announced the creation of its new voice assistant “Hey Disney”, based on Alexa technology and that allows you to interact with characters from all the mouse brand franchises.

According to Amazon, this attendee will have access to interactive Disney content from Echo speakers at home and at Walt Disney World Resorts hotels. In addition, we can use the expression “Hey Disney” to activate alarms, reminders or check the weather.

‘Hey Disney’ comes to Alexa

The new Alexa functions with “Hey Disney” are part of a new user experience for Disney World hotels, with which you can access trivia or even request towels and other supplies from the room.

The system will allow you to interact with Disney characters, but also with all their products: Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and others. This new configuration will be available in the United States during 2022 from the “Alexa Skills” market , a repository of functions that we can add to the assistant.