Since the launch of Disney+ in Asian territories, we have followed the announcements of several original products and the licensing of booster titles, particularly involving Japanese animated series.


Only a small fraction of these titles have been released globally, think of BTS or the first k-drama Snowdrop or the acclaimed Star Wars: Visions .

Most of these titles are still available only in Asian territories, albeit with some exceptions: think of the Bleach animated series also available in the USA, in simulcast, but not in Europe, even if the platform has purchased the worldwide rights.

Finally something has unlocked.

The platform today launched a new collection: Focus on Asia.

To find it you have to go to the end of the collections row, click on “All collections” and then it appears in the list.

The collection includes the following titles:

The Tatami Time Machine Blues
Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall
Rookie Cops
BTS: Permission To Dance
In The Soop: Friendcation
The Zone: Survival Mission
Blackpink: The Movie
Delicacies Destiny
Big Mouth
Soundtrack #1
Tomorrow I’ll Be Someone’s Girlfriend
Star Wars : Visions
Kiss Sixth Sense

Most of these titles were announced in October 2021 , but there are still many to come. From China to South Korea to Japan, all Indonesia.

The great absentee: Bleach

The availability of content varies by territory, and BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War is the only title on the list that is not present in the Italian catalog .

In the English catalog the new series is present, as well as the old one.

The reason for the absence of the latter in Italy is simple: Dynit has purchased the license and the series is available on Prime Video . The new episodes thus continue to remain unavailable legally in Italy, and we don’t officially know why, given that the company has purchased the worldwide rights.