Disney+ will join Hulu in a single application at the end of the year

Disney wants to launch a combined app with content from both services for the United States.


Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced to investors that he hopes to combine Disney+ with Hulu into a single app by the end of the year.

This initiative would come especially to the United States, thus seeking to combine family content with entertainment for all ages on both platforms.

Deadlines and initiatives

As told to investors, Iger still wants Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu to continue to be sold as standalone subscriptions, but he also wants to combine the former and the latter for “greater opportunities for engagement and advertising.”

Although he has not yet determined exactly what this union will look like, he points out that Disney has taken a close look at his business and “it is clear that a combination of the content is very positive and very strong.”

The Disney+ business is not at its best right now. During the earnings call, the CEO admitted to losing 4 million subscribers because he no longer owns the rights to broadcast cricket matches in India, prompting a wide exit from the app.

In terms of income, the balance is negative in terms of the first quarter of this year: 400 million dollars.

pressure for the future

Disney retains a stake in Hulu , but its contract on the platform may result in Comcast forcing it to buy 33% of the company for a minimum of $27 billion.

Disney can also tell Comcast to sell it to other bidders.

The company also noted that it intends to produce less content over time