Disney+ will roll out a cheap plan with ads, but it won’t have two key features

If you are one of the users who enjoys watching Disney+ movies and series  with friends, the cheap plan with ads will not include two functions focused on this.


Disney+ is about to follow the same path as its rival Netflix and is already contemplating the implementation of a cheaper subscription plan with ads on its service. 

Although this decision is not far from what manyvideo on demand streaming platforms , everything seems to indicate that this model will not include two key functions focused on users who enjoy watching movies or series with friends online.

Now that advertising is becoming more integrated into video streaming platforms, more and more companies in this field are working on a cheaper plan that shows ads to users while they enjoy the content. Now that Netflix has started testing this model, Disney+ also wants to do its own thing but with much more significant changes for its service.

GroupWatch and SharePlay would not be in the economic plan of Disney +

In addition to including ads in the midst of playing movies and series from its catalog, Disney + would also limit two of its most interesting features if you are part of the cheapest subscription plan. Both GroupWatch and SharePlay will not be available in this new subscription model.

MacRumors ‘ Steve Moser was the one who reported on this change in Disney+ plans after exploring the platform’s code and finding a few lines that prove it. The functions intended for users to view content from the service’s catalog with friends and family remotely via the Internet will not be able to be enjoyed by users of the future cheaper plan of the platform.

” GroupWatch and SharePlay are not available for accounts at the ad level” is what this line found indicates. Although Disney did not want to respond to the US media that consulted on this discovery, it is likely that the measure is not final and may be retracted for its launch in November.

Limited Disney+ with a cheaper plan

In case Disney+ continues with its claims to limit the functions available to users of its future economic plan with ads, it is likely that the rest of the video streaming platforms will also follow this same path and begin to offer their cheap subscription models with trimmed tools.

However, this remains to be seen. Let’s remember that both GroupWatch and SharePlay are two functions that are widely used by users looking to enjoy the content included in the Disney+ catalog with other people over the Internet. Limiting such fundamental tools could mean a bad move on the part of the streaming platform.