Do you want to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad? We teach you how to do it

Apple devices have too many features, sometimes we don’t know all of them, so today we show you how to take screenshot on iPhone and iPad.


Apple brand products have been consolidating as one of the main ones in the world market, over time they have built a loyal clientele, who buy their products no matter what. As much as there have been several devices from the company, it is normal that the dozens of functions are not yet known, one of them is the screenshot, which is one of the most useful on the cell phone.

The screenshot is a great tool, sometimes we want to show someone with whom we chat what we are seeing on the phone, it also serves to save information that you cannot write physically, then you capture the screen and you will have it saved in your gallery. In short, there are many advantages of using this technique, so we want to show you how to carry it out on your iPhone or iPad .

Capture whatever you have on your phone screen

With the steps that you will see below, you will be able to take a screenshot of your iPhone or iPad and save the information you have at that moment on your cell phone. One of the advantages that Apple offers when you use this tool is that you can then edit the capture you made and share it on social networks or instant messaging. Something else, the steps that you will see below work both in Face ID and with Touch ID.

Steps to take screenshot on iPhone

If you have an iPhone with Face ID, to take a screenshot you must press the volume up button and the power button at the same time (it is on the right side of the device).

In case you have an iPhone with Touch ID, press the middle button and the power button at the same time.

When you have taken the screenshot you will see that a thumbnail of it appears at the bottom, if you click on it it will be shown in full screen and it will allow you to edit and share it.

Steps to take screenshot on iPad

As in the iPhone , if you have an iPad that does not have the button in the center below the screen, to capture you just have to press the volume down key and the power key at the same time.

If your iPad is one that has Touch ID, to take the screenshot, press the middle button and the power button.

Once the screenshot is made on the iPad , a thumbnail will appear at the bottom, if you mark on it it will take you to see it in full screen, with a menu where you can use the editing tools and you can also share it if you want.