Do you want to use a VPN? Improve your internet browsing with these tips

VPNs will allow you to bypass bandwidth throttling, access websites even if the government censors them, and even save you a few bucks on e-commerce.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) have become an excellent option for surfing the internet . Not only does it hide your IP from you, but it allows you to have extra layers of security so that you can enter the network without the fear of being attacked by cybercriminals.

However, although we know VPNs for these uses, there are other extra features that can allow you to access new content or save a few dollars on online purchases.

Keep conversations private

You can combine your favorite messaging or video call services and add the extra layer of VPN security , allowing you to have conversations with family or business really privately. Also, you can access all services even if they are censored in the country.

Access the internet from a public Wi-Fi network

If you have an emergency and need to make an important move from a public Wi-Fi network –such as an airport-, VPNs provide you with an encryption layer that isolates you from the rest of the user wherever you are. You can even shop online without any fear of hacking.

Download files on P2P services

Peer-to-Peer features on the internet are the future. And, in addition to serving their own economy , they also function to distribute content and data across the network. However, operators tend to slow down these activities, so a VPN can allow you to quickly enter this whole new world of the Internet.

save money on flights

Changing the IP to one from a country where prices are lower can save you a lot of dollars when booking a flight, a hotel room or even renting a car. “If tickets to your desired destination cost less when booked through a French website rather than a UK one, simply choose a server in France,” notes Nord VPN .

Access censored websites from anywhere in the world

It is increasingly common to see social networks or web pages censored in the country. A VPN, by changing your geographical location through the IP, will allow you to access your information, bypassing government surveillance or copyright blocks.

Avoid bandwidth limits

If your operator wishes, for reasons of network congestion, they can limit your bandwidth when you watch Netflix, YouTube or simply when you play games. Unfortunately, this action is increasing in incidents, so having a VPN allows you to avoid these prohibitions.

Avoid price discrimination when shopping online

Many online stores display different prices for the same items depending on the location the user is browsing from. How do they find out? Through the IP. Try switching between different locations with the VPN to see if the prices drop.