Well, grandma, I’ll tell you right away: make yourself comfortable, because this time the trailer is deliberately a big mess, and it won’t be easy to explain it to you.


There’s this game that everyone in America watches, okay? And since everyone watches it, they place the most important advertisements like Sanremo and… Ah, you saw the Super Bowl live and cheered for the Rams. Uh, ok. Well, during the Super Bowl they also aired the new trailer for the Doctor Strange movie in the multiverse of madness , and these are the things you need to focus your attention on.


So. Doctor Strange may be the MCU’s Sorcerer Supreme, but for that story of helping the kid with Spider’s powers, he made a big mess of realities. If you don’t know how to do things, I say, don’t take it. The fact is that it’s all connected: Strange’s nightmares with which the trailer opens, his home – that place he modestly calls Sanctum Sanctorum – amidst a cheerful death scenario, with mats of skulls at the entrance, wink at the more horror tone of this sequel, promised by the director. The director is Sam Raimi , and in addition to having created some of the most loved horror films of the 80s and early 90s, such as The House and Army of Darkness , he directed the first three films of… Spider-Man. It all comes back, all in one turn. AND DON’T HEAVEN THEY SAY! 1!

In any case, the nightmares that Strange “has every night” are, in fact, very understandable. Because of that Spider-Man: No Way Home thing (Peter Parker couldn’t close the power strip for ONE SECOND at the wrong time) gaps have been created in the Multiverse, and our reality is in danger. Some dark force attacks Kamar-Taj, the cradle of mystical arts in Nepal, New York is all messed up, things are going to get terrible.

Meanwhile, Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), the doctor’s former flame, is about to marry someone else, the black young man behind. You think of the multiverse, Strange. Congratulations.



Yes, then there’s Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlett Witch, and understandably they shoot them. Later in the trailer, she explains that when she altered reality, they took her for a criminal, unleashing the firefighters and boy scouts behind her as well. And now Stefanello arrives here to break the multiverse and nobody pulls his ears. To Wanda “it doesn’t feel right”. And give him the wrong.

Although there is actually someone ready to give Stephen Strange a severe cup on the back of the head for what he did. We’ll get there in a moment.


First we need to talk about this guy’s horns. This is Rintrah, a kind of green minotaur from the dimension of R’Vaal, who was apprenticed to Doctor Strange in the comics. His first appearance occurred on the pages of Doctor Strange (Vol. 2) 80, in 1986.

But we were talking about the coppino. Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), as a dangerous super-specifier of the fungus, had already shown in the first film that he has little digestion for sorcerers who do not respect the rules. You imagine the pandimensional circus set up by Strange. So he has Stephen handcuffed and arrested. What’s unclear is where he got that small army of Ultron drones. On eBay Sokovia? Could be.

But be careful, because here comes the real, big surprise of this trailer…

Doctor Strange is led into a hall and a man, from one of the thrones up there, says “We should tell him the truth”. The point is that although you can’t see his face, that man’s voice is unmistakable: it’s Patrick Stewart . Is Professor Xavier (and thus the ex-Fox mutant universe) about to finally cross his path with the MCU? With this multiverse thing, anything is possible. What is certain is that Strange’s astonished face is the same as I did on hearing that voice, damn it.

The girl in the stars and stripes jacket who trims super cocks is America Chavez, who also used the name of Miss America in the comics. She is a Latin American girl, in the comics she is a lesbian and between 2017 and 2018 she had her own monthly series, simply titled America. In the film she is played by Xochitl Gomez.

For the rest, in the trailer we also see what looks like the evil Strange jumped out of an episode of the animated series What If…? , “Strange Supreme”.

Then there is a glowing figure who collides with Wanda. Some say it is the Human Torch (naaaaah) or another mutant from some vattelapesque dimension. We will find out soon.

The giant octopus with the big eye is instead Gargantos, and even here there are those who are fantasizing hard about possible connections with other pieces of the paper Marvel Universe, because in the comics Gargantos is a sea monster that came up in the late 60’s in the stories of Namor (Sub-Mariner 13, 1969). Give it a while with this Namor by Keanu Reeves and with the hook for the Fantastic Four, because here you can’t wait.

The last image of the trailer, before the title and dates scroll through, is all for a very reassuring Doctor Strange zombie type with a lot of arms. Yes, grandmother, he should be the savior of our reality. What do you say?