Does the price of Apple’s Vision Pro scare you? Maybe you forgot the one from the original Macintosh

$3,499 is a monstrous price for a device. But Apple already has experience with these types of ads.

Apple this week introduced what it calls the future of “spatial computing”: the Vision Pro . The mixed reality headset promises a unique immersion to date, but at a far from affordable price: $3,499.

But even this price is nothing for the company’s new technologies. In the 80s, Apple was already surprising with its prohibitive prices for ordinary people.

How much did the original Macintosh cost?

The Macintosh was introduced in 1984 as a revolutionary computer, and it certainly was.

But initially, its price was more than expensive: $2,495. Said amount, similar to that of today, was very different in his time from today: considering inflation, we are talking about $7,200.

Personal computers had a before and after the appearance of the Macintosh , despite the high value to acquire them.

The Vision Pro, according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple , “is the engineering of tomorrow, today.”

What do the Vision Pro do?

The device will have a key function of bringing all the technology of a mobile to your eyes in an immersive way. But it does it in a very different way from other devices, since it does not completely cover the user’s vision in front of their reality, but rather combines and improves it.

The product is primarily positioned as an AR device, but you can switch between augmented and full virtual reality using a dial.

In its system, it combines the iOS and iPadOS apps and gives it 3D and depth according to our physical contour.

“I believe that people will make different choices depending on their financial situation and that’s it. The engineering and depth of engineering is mind blowing. You have the experience greater than 4K in each eye. Of course, it doesn’t come for free. It costs something to do that, but I think it’s great value,” Cook said of the value of the glasses.