Donald Trump’s NFTs sold out in one day, raising more than $4 million

45,000 NFT tokens from Donald Trump ‘s collection were put up for sale , each priced at $99.


Former President Donald Trump ‘s NFT trading card collection has been a huge success, with 45,000 tokens sold out within hours of launch.

According to OpenSea data, all the assets were sold in 12 hours, leaving a collection of more than 4 million dollars.

Donald Trump NFTs

The collection of cards depicted the former president in different “professions,” ranging from cowboy or astronaut to superhero.

Each NFT was sold for $99 under the Polygon network, netting $4.45 million.

According to NFT INT, the company behind the collection, Donald Trump gave up his image and names for his project, but the money will not reach the funds of organizations or be invested in the 2024 presidential campaign.

Users who bought these cards will enter exclusive raffles, including a gala dinner where the ex-president will be or even a personal meeting with him.

First official project

This is the first time Trump himself has released his own NFT collectibles , though there have been unofficial projects in the past. The social network Parler, for example, launched Trump-inspired NFTs earlier this year .

The problem in the cryptocurrency community is that Donald Trump had promised a big announcement for this technology, for which he was heavily criticized after the revelation.