‘Don’t forget me’: Diego Maradona is recreated with artificial intelligence in Qatar

An avatar of Diego Armando Maradona was present at a fan fest in Qatar and could answer questions from fans thanks to artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence has allowed Diego Armando Maradona to be “revived” in an avatar that allowed fans present at the Qatar 2022 World  Cup to chat with the soccer star.

This recreation was exhibited at the Maradona Fan Fest that was set up in the Emir’s hangar, at the Hamad International Airport, Doha.

maradona is here

Maradona, now in digital, was recreated thanks to the initiative of the Genosha company with technologies such as digital synthesizing, filming techniques and 3D modeling.

Additionally, he was given a voice thanks to phonemes recreated from hours of audio recordings of the player.

Fans could converse with Diego Armando Maradona in up to 10 languages ​​and had the option of choosing the medium between tablets or conversing with a synthetic double.

“The whole world thought that this would be the first World Cup without me, but Diego will always be present wherever there is a ball rolling,” says Maradona in the artificial intelligence program that recreates him.

“I will be from up here supporting soccer and present in each stadium enjoying the most beautiful and healthiest sport in the world. This is going to be a party for the entire planet and I’m not going to miss it. I love them forever ”, also mentioned the AI.

And it will go on forever

This experience will serve to be stored.

A message booth was created to record the wishes of the fans and take a photo with Diego. The messages will be saved until the next World Cup and will even be sent to space.