The third season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will arrive on Netflix on August 11th .


Here’s a sneak peek of upcoming episodes where we’ll follow Dragon Knight Davio as he tries to make the world a safer place by killing one dragon at a time.

These early images show the encounter between Davion and Slyrak in the soul realm of the Elder Dragon. The knight is not wearing his dragon armor, also the two souls had been separated from Mirana, how can they communicate?

Could it be thanks to Davion’s blood containing dragon traits?

Recall that the series is inspired by Dota 2  a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game developed by  Valve Corporation .

What is DotA?

DotA is the custom map created by Eul, well-known map creator, for the video game  Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos . The aim of the game is to destroy the Ancient of the opposing team and defend their own, hence the name  Defense of the Ancients  (DotA).

In Dota 2 the word “Dota” was not chosen as an acronym for “Defense of the Ancients” due to copyright issues with Blizzard. In this game the main objective of each of the two teams is to destroy the opponent’s fortress.

It is the foundation of the MOBA genre, and has inspired games like   Blizzard’s League of Legends  or  Heroes of the Storm .

Voice actors and staff:

Fymryn ( Freya Tingley ), Father ( Jeffrey Combs ), Ritterfau ( John de Lancie ), Vinari ( Alejandra Reynoso of Castlevania), Asar ( Michael Dorn ), Viceroy Kashurra ( Doug W Bradley ), Nico Hieronimo ( Troy Baker ).

Luna ( Kari Wahlgren ), Lina ( Victoria Atkin ), Davion ( Yuri Lowenthal ), Slyrak ( Tony Todd ), Kaden ( Anson Mount ), Bram ( Josh Keaton ), Terrorblade ( JB Blanc ) and Selemene ( Alix Wilton Regan ).

Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: First Class, Thor and Black Sails) occupies the role of showrunner and executive producer while  Ryu Ki Hyun serves as  co-executive producer.