Dragon Ball: How many fights has Yamcha, “the weakest” of the anime, won and lost

In “ Dragon Ball ”, Yamcha is one of the most powerful humans on earth.However, he is also known to be one of the weakest within the Z Fighters.


One of the oldest characters in the history of ” Dragon Ball “, is the remembered Yamcha , who has been present since Son Goku’s childhood, even at some point he managed to defeat the warrior of the Saiyan race. As if that were not enough, he was one of the strongest in the first season of the anime based on Akira Toriyama’s manga.

However, over the years and after the arrival of new characters with high levels of power, Yamcha was relegated to a weak character and very easy to defeat, of course, taking into account that his opponents were totally superior beings, in some way. alien race or androids. The character, after that, would have very sporadic appearances, being easily defeated.

The Z warrior made meme

One of these moments where Yamcha was totally humiliated, being mocked by netizens and the same ” Dragon Ball ” fans , occurred in the Saiyan Invasion saga, when the unknown Vegeta and Nappa are confronted by the Z Warriors, this The latter invokes through some seeds the “Saibaman”, hybrid plant/alien beings. Yamcha, very sure of himself, faces one of these tiny beings and after a short fight in which he seemed to be the winner, he is defeated by one of the Saibaman with an “explosive hug”. The terrestrial warrior ends up dejected with the characteristic pose against the ground in a semi-fetal position.

Although the series was broadcast in the 90s, it went viral many years later after the arrival of memes within social networks. Even in “Dragon Ball Super”, the last canonical season seen from the anime/manga, they join the viral fact and within a chapter, they recall this moment in a baseball game where Yamcha is lying in the same way, being the relief funny at the time.

However, beyond his humiliating passage from one of the most ignored secondary characters in the ” Dragon Ball ” saga, Yamcha has managed to win some battles, for a reason he is not part of the Z Warriors, the group of heroes he has defended. the earth at all costs during all the ” Dragon Ball ” sagas, here is a list of their canon defeats and victories:

dragon ball

pilaf arch

  • Yamcha vs. Goku (first confrontation):  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Goku:  Lost
  • Yamcha vs Milk: Won
  • Yamcha vs. Rabbit Mob Men:  Won

Arc of the 21st Edition of the Martial Arts Tournament

  • Yamcha vs. Dojo Fighters:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Dojo Boss:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. karate character:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Monk: Won
  • Yamcha vs. Bald Fighter:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Wolf Fighter:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Jackie Chun: Lost

Red Ribbon Army Arc

  • Yamcha vs. Invisible Man:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. The Mummy: Lost

22nd World Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Yamcha vs. Participant #1: Won
  • Yamcha vs. Boxer Participant:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Karate Participant:  Won
  • Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan:  Lost

23rd World Martial Arts Tournament Arc

  • Yamcha vs. Contestant Bear = Won
  • Yamcha vs. Bald Contestant = Won
  • Yamcha vs. Shen = Lost

It should be noted that the present battles are those that Yamcha carried out alone, without any type of support or in collaboration with someone. On the other hand, from this moment, the presence of Yamcha went downhill, in the series. For “Dragon Ball Z” the list is smaller with spontaneous appearances.