Duna opens in the United States and China and reaches US$ 220 million in world box office

And “007 – No Time to Die” becomes the pandemic’s second-highest box office globally.

After being on display for a month in various international markets, “Duna” made its US debut, with a domestic opening of about US$40.1 million , being Warner’s best box office debut of a simultaneous release in the United States. cinemas and on HBO Max in the territory, and the biggest career opening of Denis Villeneuve (via Deadline ). In China, the film grossed $22 million for an international weekend total of $47.4 million. Thus, the production already totals the value of US$ 220.7 million globally . In Brazil, “Duna” debuted in second place with US$ 896 thousand, behind “Venom 2” in its third week of exhibition.

All eyes are now on Warner, waiting for numbers from HBO Max, and possible confirmation on “Dune: Part 2”. The studio can view the current numbers, which are above estimates, as a hit, or it can wait to see how the film holds up to its second week of home viewing, when hybrid-release productions tend to underperform.

One way or another, it is from the international market that “Duna” should win its biggest box office, as is the case of “007 – Sem Tempo Para Morer” . With nearly a month of screenings in multiple territories, the film became the second highest grossing film of the year, with US$ 525.6 million , behind only “Fast & Furious 9” , and only second to pass the mark of 500 million since 2019. Of this amount, US$ 405.6 million comes only from the international market, with its debut in China – valuable territory for the franchise – scheduled for this Friday, 29.

Coming to the end of its first month of airing, “Venom: Time of Carnage” took 1st place of the weekend in 31 of the 53 territories in which it is on display, including Brazil and South Korea. The global box office is in US$ 352.4 million , being US$ 181.8 million domestic and US$ 170.6 million international.

Debuting in the domestic market this weekend is “The French Chronicle,” which captured the highest average viewership per room during the pandemic, with a $1.3 million limited-circuit opening. The indie Wes Anderson will expand to more rooms and other markets next week.

Already “Ron Bugado” did not get a good performance. The 20th Century Studios animation debuted with $7.3 million domestically and 10 million internationally, for a global total of $17.3 million. The performance turns out to be less than several animations and family movies that had hybrid releases and premiered at more uncertain moments of the pandemic, such as “Raya and the Last Dragon” and “Dog Patrol: The Movie” .