Unstoppable The Rock . The actor, who we recently saw in Red Notice , is in fact working on multiple projects, including the anti-hero DC Black Adam . Among these, we point out the already announced DC League of Super-Pets , Red One and any (but already planned) sequels of Red Notice, Jungle Cruise and Jumanji . To these is added a new, still mysterious project, taken from a video game.


In an interview with Men’s Journal , he was in fact asked if he had any videogame rabbits in the hat, and the answer was positive:

I’ve always been a huge fan of Madden [the American Football video game series with John Madden as testimonial, as popular in the US as FIFA is here, ed].
I can’t tell you which particular video game we’re dealing with, but there will be an announcement this year. We’re about to bring one of the most big, badass video games to the big screen, one I’ve played for years. I am really excited to offer it to fans all over the world. Of course we will do this in collaboration with our gaming friends, but really, we will just make a great movie.

The clues in this regard are therefore rather fragmentary: it is a rather important game, which he himself has played for a long time and in which, we imagine, he will be the protagonist. Given the adjective “badass” one would think of some action title with some hypertrophic hero. For years colleague Bautista has suggested a Gears of War movie , for example, and it could be a possibility, blowing him the part. For many, however, The Rock could be an excellent Kratos in a transposition of God of War , which, moreover, would make a lot of fun for Sony Pictures, which is already launching with Uncharted (while The Last of Us will be “only” a TV series for HBO).

Johnson has excellent relationships with Sony and Warner, so anything is possible: he has also been involved in video games on the big screen more than once. Sure, Rampage wasn’t a success, but Jumanji definitely did, and he’s been a great testimonial for years, ever since the first Xbox: we’ll see.