Easy move: Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi prepare a system to change smartphones

Chinese brands Oppo , vivo and Xiaomi have announced an agreement to make it easy to transfer data between phones .


How was it the last time you changed your phone ? Surely you lost a photo, message, app, game progress or some other important matter. 

Unless your job is to constantly change equipment – ​​like ours -, very few people have optimized their migration process to a new cell phone. Fortunately, there is hope for a standard or at least a simple solution. Oppo, vivo and Xiaomi want to propose something to us.

Through a statement on Weibo , the three technology firms announced a cooperation project to support the migration of system data, photos and contacts between brand devices. With this, MIUI will be able to be more friendly with transfers to and from ColorOS or funtouchOS, software from Oppo and Vivo, respectively.

“In order to provide users with a better experience for switching equipment, Xiaomi has entered into cooperation with Vivo and Oppo. This includes the migration of third-party apps between our teams, and you will no longer have to worry about the chat history when switching teams,” mentions part of the announcement.

Without Google, but among “friends”

Due to trade bans, Google and its services for moving information to the cloud and between devices under one account are not available in China. Backup copies in Photos, Drive, Contacts or the Google One subscription system itself.

At the moment, it is unlikely – if not impossible – that this issue will go beyond China. In fact, Oppo confirmed to the Android Authority that this solution is limited to China and there are no plans to bring it to global markets.

However, this system allows the Chinese to access efficient services for the transfer of their information, in the absence of Google Nearby and Android’s frictionless protocols for migration. Faced with this, and thus not lose share in the juicy Chinese market, companies have designed their own integrating solutions, such as fast charging or file transfer.