Ecuadorian communities are adopting bitcoin as a regular currency

El Salvador is not the only country that has accepted bitcoin as a currency of daily use, citizens of Ecuador are also on that path.


After the announcement of El Salvador , several initiatives began to spread and reproduce in the Latin American region, especially in Ecuador , where communities are using cryptocurrencies as a financial alternative.

Six months ago, a community organization and education project with bitcoin arrived in a rural area located in the town of Valencia, almost two hours from Quito, Ecuador.

The businessman Mauricio Rubio was in charge of promoting this project and only had to teach how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work .

Communities and bitcoin

Before the emergence of cryptocurrencies in the community, families were already organized in community projects for the welfare of all, including a savings fund, which is now in bitcoin (BTC).

“I was surprised by the immediate openness of the community and we started with their first wallet and started saving in bitcoin. This was when BTC was at $ 30,000,”  said Rubio.

The next plan is to create a tourism program with bitcoin , where visitors can live experiences and generate income for the community, in addition to creating an economy based on BTC .