Ed Sheeran and Green Day could appear in Warner’s musical metaverse in The Sandbox

Warner Music Group is creating a space where concerts will take place within a virtual world .


Warner Music Group is partnering with The Sandbox , a virtual world where users can build and monetize thanks to blockchain technology . Warner Music’s project is to create a virtual space for concerts.

According to the company, the virtual place will be a  “combination of a music theme park and a concert hall” , which could feature artists from its long list. 

At this time, Warner hasn’t confirmed which artists will appear, but their diverse roster includes the likes of Ed Sheeran , Dua Lipa , Camila Cabello , and Green Day , among others.

musical metaverse

The Sandbox has already been used by some big artists and have held virtual concerts, including Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5 , but this deal with Warner Music is the biggest to date, according to Techradar .

At the moment it is not known when Warner Music will debut in The Sandbox, but players can buy virtual spaces, which can reach very high prices .