After the preview of some images of the sixth season of Elite during the TUDUM, held last weekend.


Netflix has finally announced the launch date of the new episodes, 8 to be precise.

Among the new cast members are two students: Isadora, played by Valentina Zenere (The girls at the switchboard), the young heiress of a huge empire of night clubs; Iván, played by André Lamoglia (Juacas – The surf boys), son of the world’s greatest football star. Of course neither will go unnoticed.

The first images:

The synopsis:

A new season is coming to Las Encinas with many stories to follow. After Phillipe’s fateful New Year’s Eve party and Guzman’s escape, the secret of Armando’s death could ruin the romance between Samuel and Ari. Meanwhile Rebeka embarks on a path of personal discovery, while Omar recovers from separation from Ander; Furthermore, the appearance of Adam Nourou, who won a Goya Award for Best Emerging Actor for Adú and now plays Bilal, will further complicate his relationship with Samuel. Phillipe’s confession on violence, Patrick’s fits of anger, Benjamin’s desires for revenge, a gift from Armando to Mencia that could destroy “the Benjamini”, a pact of silence between Samuel and Rebeka that does not last long and causes the worst consequences …