Elon Musk accepts that “Twitter makes people angry”

Elon Musk held a debate among his followers to find out what emotions they link to social networks.


Elon Musk asserted this Sunday that ‘ Instagram depresses its users’, while ‘ Twitter angers them’.

Through his personal account, the tycoon asked his 126 million followers which social network they chose, which caused an avalanche of comments.

Musk and his opinion of the networks

After the question was published, Elon Musk began to answer his followers.

For example, a user told him that LinkedIn , the social network focused on business and jobs, is the one that ‘depresses him the most’. Musk responded with a fire emoji.

Another user pointed out that Twitter actually makes him happy, to which the billionaire replied that he “laughs a lot” on this network.

The South African has previously spoken about Instagram, which he has called an “envy amplifier”.

In previous interviews, he also noted that “it’s the next level thirst trap.” “I found myself taking a lot of selfies and thinking, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Then it was all about getting more likes and taking selfies,” Elon Musk said .

Look for investors

Despite criticism of his own social network, Elon Musk knows that the way is to encourage advertisers to continue investing money in the social network.

The company is struggling to attract advertisers to its platform, who halted spending after Musk took over and announced several controversial moves.